Add your name to the waiting list

If you would like to become a member and cultivate an allotment then please apply on-line using the City Council Application form using the link below.

Apply for An Allotment

The current waiting list does mean that the average waiting time is 3 years.

There is a new Market Garden recently established within Platt Fields Park. See this link for details: Platt Fields Market Garden. It might be that they have vacancies for future gardeners.

Currently rents are charged at 0.19p per square yard.


  • £5 annual membership
  • £20 (refundable) key deposit

is also payable to Brighton Grove Allotment Association.

You do need to think about whether you have a regular amount of time that you can commit each week to work a plot.

We recommend visiting plots at least twice a week to stay on top of weeding and other jobs. The number of visits you make during the growing season, to water and harvest crops, for example, may be considerably more than this and you may find during very hot or dry weather that you have to visit daily.

If you work full time or have other commitments be realistic about the amount of time you have available and the distance you need to travel to your plot.

At least initially, you may be allocated a half allotment and sometimes a quarter allotment if these are available. Sharing an allotment can help manage time demands. The Council’s Plotholder’s Guide provides a very good sense of what you need to do and of your obligations.

Concessions are available if you have a disability, are over 60 or are unemployed.

Watch ‘new boy’ Jay starting out on his new allotment. Follow his series of short vids to give yourself an idea of the work involved. As Jay states he is a “complete novice, helping other novices”


  1. Hi dear, hope you’re well, obviously I’m looking for allotment in Brighton grove Allotment association if any chance get place in there I appreciate it, and I’m trying to grow some vegetables please.
    Thank you
    It’s Sam


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