Protecting Sweetcorn from Squirrels

A contribution from Barry Johnson

As in previous years my sweet corn has started being eaten by something – I suspect squirrels. 

I have found previously that wrapping the cobs with adapted plastic bottles has been effective at protecting them.

I cut the bottom off, cut vertically up the bottle and finish by cutting the top off. It’s easiest to start off with a craft knife but after that much easier with scissors. See photos. Wrap the bottle around the cob, similar to a rabbit guard in protecting tree planting. 

Refinements include leaving on the taper at the top of the bottle, putting two on the plant one each way up to lessen the chance of the squirrel getting in at the wide end, and tying in place if you find the squirrels work out how to open loose bottles.

Other plot holders might like to try this. And I’d be interested in other people’s experience.


The damage
Stage 1. Recycle plastic bottles
Stage 2. Re-purpose plastic bottles as protection
Stage 3. Tie as required